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About the K-12 Career and College Readiness Benchmark

The 2023 CCR Benchmark was created by a coalition of K-12 education organizations to study the state of career and college readiness. It is based on an open-source district self-assessment to reflect the most common state regulations and professional best practices for CCR.

The Benchmark covers five key areas of career readiness:

  • Providing a range of postsecondary options

  • Data and key metrics

  • Support and expectations

  • Stakeholder communication and engagement

  • Tools and resources

The 2023 CCR Benchmark Report reflects data from more than 250 students, educators and district leaders and includes benchmarked data for district leaders who are setting their own CCR improvement goals.

"Institutional change requires clear goal-setting to build aligned action. The CCR Benchmark data provides a shared definition for success."

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About MajorClarity by Paper

MajorClarity is part of Paper's award-winning Educational Support System. It's the only career-first CCR platform, built for all student pathways. We use experiential, activity-based content to help kids explore careers and connect their interests to academic and postsecondary planning.

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